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My Saturday Evening Post: Fun with Pets



Hello there, tens of blog followers!  I hope you’ve had a stellar Saturday.  I have.  Isn’t it such an incredible joy to be alive–and waking up on the right side of the dirt?

But, goodness,  so many chores!  Petting Bonz, my kitty:



Teaching my bird, Old Black Eyes, to talk:



Walking my dog, Herman:



Showing love to my big spider, Arach:




Teaching kitties to kiss:



Pets are fun.  But SO much work.



Five Friday Happy Bringers: Post # 600: At Least You Ain’t Got a Threaded Needle in Your Gut!


This is the FIRST FIVE FRIDAY HAPPY BRINGERS POST of 2014.  AND NealEnJoy is at Post #600! 


For the tens of you who have been following my tiny blog ever so faithfully, I bow deeply, avert my eyes, and humbly say …


So I thought that maybe I should try to come up with something Deep and Intellectual for this milestone–you know, to reflect my true self, all college-professory and such.

But then the wildest thing happened in my family, and I simply HAD to tell you all.  So to start off this week’s (and year’s) list:

1.  As you may have read, Grandsons Daniel and Gabriel received a mini-lab-doodle (or something like that) for Christmas.




… which (whom?) I quickly decided loved me BEST.  And rightfully so.  I deserve to be loved.

Anyhoo, I kept Spyro (I know–weird name, but then again some of you are named Gunther) for a few days last week while grandsons and parents played in South Florida.  All well, right?

I thought so.  Spyro and I had a blast.

Or so it seemed.

But not so fast.  It seems that young Spyro (four months young) has some weird eating habits (well, actually, as far as that goes, so do the Kardashians).


How did that happen?  Who knows?  Daughter Amy (mom of Daniel and Gabriel) certainly knows zilch about needles and sewing.

You don’t believe me?  Alright  Here’s Spyro’s x-ray:


Closer … see the needle?


My poor baby is recovering fine, but goodness (!) a needle.


The little fellow was MUCH better this morning when I drove over to check on him.


So you may be asking, “Why is this quirkily bad news included in the Happy Bringers?  It’s anything but.

Well here you go:  At least you and I don’t have needles in our guts.  Be grateful!

(P.S.  The vet also found a couple of acorns and a Power Ranger figure foot.  Which, by the way, grandsons Daniel and Gabriel INSIST was an Iron Man hand, not a PR foot.)

2.  A Spanking Brand New Year!


Let’s run joyfully into it!

3.  My new bow tie.



(I wore it to the most amazing progressive dinner in Savannah’s historic district on New Year’s Eve.)

4.  Soap.


5.  Little surprising joys.

I kept Grandtwins Madison and Matthew for a couple of hours this afternoon.  When I got there, they were both sleeping soundly.  Tiny angels.  Then Matthew woke up, and we played for about an hour (mostly him throwing pieces of popcorn under the couch and screaming till I got them back out).  After putting the last linty kernel in his mouth (oh, stop it!  it’s good for their immune systems), he ran into the nursery.  I followed him, after eating the rest of the popcorn, and found this:



“Wake up, sissy!  It’s time to play!”


It’s the First Weekend of the New Year.  Look for Joy!


Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/17/13)

Happy happy, bo-bappy.  Banana fanna, fo fappy. Fe fi mo mappy.  Happy!   (Did I do that right?  I’ve spent about 45 minutes, trying it out with every relative’s name I can think of.  I keep messing up.)

Friday.  Happy  Here’s Five:

1.  A little bundle of joy.


(Grandtwin Madison)

2.  This funny ad about rum.


“When you hurry through life, you just get to the end faster.”

3.  Corn bread.  Here’s some I made to go with cabbage and sausage the other night.


4.  This great quote about talking your JOY.


5.  Grandtwin Matthew feeding Tyler.


May your weekend overflow with joy talk and joy walk.

Guitar Dog Joy

One of the joys of being an adjunct at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), following my retirement from Georgia Southern last summer, is discovering the creative beauty and genius of the students here.  For example, the quirkily stunning picture below of coonhound Maddie was photographed by her owner and SCAD alumnus Theron Humphrey (M.F.A. photography, 2007).

Guitar Dog

A few other Maddie/Theron photographs:




Don’t those pics make you sorta happy?!

For more Maddie and Theron:  This Wild Idea and Maddie on Things

The Revelation of Riboclavin (And a Dog Stealing Cabbage) (You Know You Have to Read This Post)

As faithful blog followers know, I have a buddy “named” Riboclavin who is quite a character.  (And of course we all know his name isn’t REALLY Riboclavin, come on, but as I said in a post from way back, “I’m just not very good at giving people fake names if they don’t want their real names ‘published’ on my blog because, heaven forbid, the ‘tens’ of people who follow my blog might see their name and … and … idk.”)  Anyway, here he is, rocking.  And even though that dualistic rocking chair looks über huge, Riboclavin looks comfortable and relaxed.  And, really,  isn’t that what counts?

[By the way (true story), on my 16th birthday, I received a rocking chair from my parents as my main gift.]  [Therapy has helped.  But only so much.]

Ribo loves two things in life (maybe more than two, but right now only these couple come to mind).  One, he LOVES his dog MisterDillHarris.

Here’s MisterDillHarris with a big ole bone:

Two, he LOVES (or maybe hates, I’m not sure) his obsession with health, or actually his perceived lack of health.  The guy can be standing in line at the movies to see, for example, Miley Cyrus in The Last Song, and all of a sudden he HAS to take his temperature.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here he is taking his temp.

And, look, here he is taking his dog’s temperature:

(For me, pretend this is normal.  Thanks.)

So anyway, recently Riboclavin texted me a video link, and as usual, made NO attempt to introduce or explain the link.  You can surely understand by now my trepidation and why I came two hairs close to deleting the text and pretending I never received it (as I do with any unwanted or ill-timed text, email, voicemail, regular mail, fax, postcard, Hallmark card, smoke signal, etc.).  Afterall, his most recent link took me to a medical site where a disgusting surgical procedure was in full “operation,” causing me to gasp and snort and vow to never speak to Riboclavin again.  But for some reason I decided, even with the high risk,  to open the link.  And I was pleasantly surprised!  (If you’re near wood, please knock on it for me.)

Here’s the video, entitled “Dog Steals Cabbage.”

Now isn’t that cute … and happiness-worthy?  Please tell Riboclavin thanks, and wish him good health.

Holding Happiness

Yea, sometimes it happens.  Happy.  Enough said.

(Source: Awkward Family Photos)

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