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Au Revoir, Neighbor Susan

Our neighbor and friend Susan Johnson passed away on February 9th.

Robert with Susan at one of our Washington Square’s Bathrobe Brunches

Read her beautiful obituary here:

Robert and I got to know Susan and her husband Fred (who passed away a few years ago) when we moved from the southside of Savannah to the downtown historic district, just off Washington Square.

Susan was a beloved Savannah teacher and author.

Robert and I were fortunate enough to be married in the courtyard of one of those crooked little houses — the beautifully tiny house on Saint Julian Street where Susan and Fred lived—after they sailed the world and settled in Savannah, that is.

A while after Fred passed, Susan cornered us in the square one day and heralded us to her little house.

“Robert, I want you to have Fred’s old cashmere overcoat.”

It smells of adventure, travel and a life well lived.

We loved and love you, Susan Johnson. Tell Fred we said hello and miss his glorious stories.

8 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Neighbor Susan

  1. Oh my! Somehow, I can’t process the losses. Tonight, I am crying. Too much loss. Can’t manage it. But thank you for sharing, Neal. Maybe we will make it to the other side…together.

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