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Five Friday Happy Bringers 4/29/22

1. The continuing saga of HR stopping our morning walks to take “important pictures.” This time of a caterpillar on a prickly plant.

See it?

Believe it or not, Robert actually VIDEOED the little bug making its way down the spike. (The caterpillar was the only one of us getting his steps in.)

2. A bucket of little umbrellas at the bar at Zunzi’s near us.

3. Our hands! Hold one of yours out in front of you.

Look at it. Make a fist, in and out. Isn’t that really such an amazing blessing?! Pick something up. Your hands enable you to do it!

4. Ladyfingers with fresh strawberries for breakfast.

And a little nutmeg on top.

5. Making a poster for grandson Jack, who’s about to graduate from Savannah Country Day School.

Here’s Jack at the end of the senior class traditional bike ride to campus event.


Hope you all graduate to a beautiful weekend ahead!


P.S. You don’t believe me that HR videoed the caterpillar? Okay, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t either if I didn’t have the proof. Here’s the … riveting film. I call it “Slowing Down the Walk.”

2 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers 4/29/22

  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO VALEDICTORIAN, JACK!!!! What an awesome achievement! Very best to Jack! Rosemarie

    What kind of caterpillar is that? Might be a moth.

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