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“Robert and …” #17

A blog category of pics I’ve taken of HR (Hubby Robert) and … well, just about anything

Robert and … mansplaining. Here’s HR in his gay Smirnoff t-shirt at breakfast, left hand either furtively hiding something he doesn’t want me to see or gesturing awkwardly, as he drones on and on about some trivial topic or other. If I remember correctly (and don’t hold me to it, my mind often wanders/wonders), I think he was painstakingly explaining to me how important it is to double check the forks and spoons after washing them (our dishwasher is ill right now), since I tend to just let a little drizzle of water touch them before tossing them in the dish drying rack …

“And the thing is, Neal, you MIGHT want to look more closely for little pieces of food or butter or soap bubbles or whatever on the forks and spoons because, YOU KNOW, that’s probably not all that good for us … … … ….”

8 thoughts on ““Robert and …” #17

  1. I am with HR on this one. If I find a fork or spoon with even a tiny particle of something not washed off it.I refuse…absolutely REFUSE to eat anything off it. It has to go for a proper scrub.

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