Posted in Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling?

Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 7/11/22

Marveling at—and being grateful for—life’s many and mini simple luxuries. Such as tuna salad and tomato on romaine.

When I really look at, attend to, the everyday simple joys in my life, they seem to grow larger in perspective.

What do you find marvelous today?

6 thoughts on “Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 7/11/22

  1. I went to my physiotherapist and she had be do a tricky exercise for my “core”. Bend up both knees and then straighten one leg at a time without putting either leg down. It wasn’t easy but I was able to do several repetitions.She then told me my core strength was ” really very good”. YAY! Came home and my husband made me a nice tuna salad sandwich with spinach leaves. Popeye ‘s strength came from spinach didn’t it?

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