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Throwback Thursday: “Get In or Get Out!”

So last night I was scrolling though my 25,557 photos (seriously?!) in the “Recents” section of my iPhone. (Recent?!)

And l came across a short series of silly pictures.

It all started when I was grandtwin-sitting Matthew and Madison. (Circa 2013. They were about one at the time.)


They seemed a little bored. Staring out the window, obviously looking for greener pastures.

“Bless you, my sissy. Boredom’s trap will not snare us forever.”

I really knew something had gone awry when Matthew started chewing on my shoe strings.

So I came up with a solution to the babysitting challenge. And I’m sure you probably do this too: when all else fails, sit the little ones in containers. Yes? I thought so.

Matthew and an aluminum tub

See? Right?

Madison. “I’m not so sure.”

I decided that I would join the fun … until I realized i couldn’t.


Matthew: “Let’s just look out that window again.”

The twins today and their end-of-the-year school awards ceremony …

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