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One-Word Wednesday: 11/15/22


So here I am (pic below), at the very top of Georgia’s Sapelo Island Lighthouse last week. Yvonne, our incredible tour guide, (inexplicably and even more incredibly) gave ME these keys and told me to unlock the hatch at the top of the lighthouse for the five of us who braved the winds (of approaching storm Nicole) to go to the very top.

After much struggle, I finally got the HEAVY hatch open, and we scaled the heights.

Robert found everything hilarious up there, while I fake laughed (and held on to him) …

5 thoughts on “One-Word Wednesday: 11/15/22

  1. This is AWESOME, Neal!!! You know, I grew up on St. Simons. I was gone for MANY years but have been back for over 11 and still have NEVER been to Sapelo! That’s crazy!!! I’ve got to go. You just reminded me. You also just gifted a huge smile. Thank You!!! Cheers! 😃

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  2. I love lighthouses. How cool that you got to go up in one.

    “Yvonne” tickles my funny bone. In my work, we deal with Surety Bonds. I recently texted my boss about one, and my phone autocorrected it to “Shirt Yvonne.” I’ll never live it down.

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