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“Just Set It Down“

I’m having a bit of trouble being happy today, after the Colorado Springs gay club massacre.

But today we were walking through Hobby Lobby, looking for Thanksgiving placemats for our family gathering, and I came across this.

And it made me smile. I needed to smile.

And HR seems to think the sentiment rings true.

P.S. But aren’t gay clubs supposed to be safe havens? Robert and I have visited them in New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Baltimore (HR’s hometown), New Orleans, etc. etc. etc.

But lately, whenever we go into a gay establishment, I look for the exits, just in case.

And even more sadly, when I go to our gay friendly church here in Savannah, I remind myself where the exits are, just in case.

It really shouldn’t be this way.

6 thoughts on ““Just Set It Down“

  1. I am so sorry, Neal. Many days, I weep for the inhumane ness of humanity. It’s easy to see that if we could have, we would have already killed-each-other-off. I am so very sad about it all. Please know that the important thing is that we simply keep on keeping-on…doing the next things that move us closer to the Love, Joy, and Peace of God that passes our understanding. Rest awhile…ok? You are so very precious, skillful at writing, and filled with Joy! You will, you Must, find ways to share that voice within you that brings transformative healing wherever you decide to move along. I love you,

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  2. We don’t need to be labelled one way or another to feel the horror, the trauma and the sadness for what happened in Colorado Springs. Humanity is assaulted and lately it seems to be happening more frequently, everywhere. My prayers today are also for those families in Virginia and the continuing conflict in Ukraine! 🙏

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