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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 5/22/23

Marveling at our weekend discovery.

So HR and I were standing in line at the grocery checkout, minding our own business, when something caught our attention in the cart belonging to the lady in front of us. It contained a colorfully wrapped loaf of bread (we surmised) that we had never seen or heard of before.

Robert, braver and friendlier than me in starting up convos with perfect strangers, scooted a little closer to her cart and asked, “Excuse me, ma’am, but could you tell me what that is?” pointing to the red, white and blue package.

She was delightful (which is so much better than screaming for store security), explaining that “THIS is the most DELICIOUS Puerto Rican bread! I grew up eating it.” Soft and sweet on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. Perfect for morning toast, or sandwiches or anything else.

We became fast friends. And chatted till she finished paying and left us. We felt lonely.

So we hightailed it over to the bakery. And were DEVASTATED when we were told that the Puerto Rican bread had sold out for the day! “It sells out early.”

We somehow made it through the rest of the long day and night, and were back in the bakery section the next morning.

Recognizing us from our pitiful disappointment of the day before, the young lady behind the bakery counter told us apologetically that the Puerto Rican bread had just come out of the oven and it would be about 30 minutes before she could package it.

Fake-smiling, we went back out to the car where I read to Robert for thirty minutes (we’re on our 165th book together!), then rushed back in and claimed our prize.

We had it last night with HR’s scrumptious New York strip …

I cut it thick on purpose so it wouldn’t be intimidated by Robert’s flashy steak.

And then again this morning with leftover ham, egg and rhubarb/strawberry jam …

We LOVE our delicious new discovery!

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