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“The Artful Dodger“ #17

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

A little while ago, Robert and I were leaving our favorite little Atlanta breakfast place, Homegrown.

Walking toward the car, I heard them before I saw them. Detective-like, I quickly turned around.

They were casually (and somewhat seductively) leaning against the back shed of the little hole-in-the- wall jewel of a restaurant, singing, belting their hearts and souls out.

The Seven Sisters singing their way through The Great American Songbook.

I could’ve stayed there all day, reveling in the joy, the pathos, the excitement, the disappointment, the yearning fullness of their song.

They were us all—EveryWoman, EveryMan—leaning back and leaning into life. Our days, months, and years filled with living the truth of their diverse songs.

But HR finally made me get in the car.

“Neal, other people need to park.”

“And hear,” I thought.

So we made our way back to our midtown Airbnb, but not without the Sisters’ melodies still ringing in my ears and heart.

As we pulled up to our Airbnb, the most amazing thing REALLY HAPPENED, raising goosebumps on my skin. A young lady in a pick-up parked near us. When she opened her door, Robert and I heard her before we saw her—-singing joyfully. She made her way into the other half of the duplex that makes up our Airbnb. She continued to sing as she turned on the vacuum cleaner. Vocal joy. It actually felt a little quietly empty when she got in her truck and drove away.

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2023 Escape from St. Patrick’s Day #3

My daily snapshot of Robert’s and my 2023 trip to get away from Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and celebrations.

This morning, after checking out of our cabin at Red Top Mountain State Park in north Georgia, we headed to Atlanta and Emory University to see a couple of exhibits at the Michael Marcos Museum of Art. We visited it before, loved it and have wanted to return.

We never try to go through an entire museum in a single visit, instead spending a bit of time in only one or two areas that peek our interest.

I was especially fascinated by this Chicago street photographer’s black and white paired photos of Chicago’s poorer districts.

Next, Robert seemed to spend an eternity in the Egyptian afterlife exhibit. It really was fascinating. With real mummies!

And here’s HR in the current life interrupting a museum tour on the level below. See him?

I was eavesdropping on a docent-led tour below, and pretended not to know him.

Whew. The things I put up with.

The Egyptians made us hungry, so we headed to Mary Mac’s Tea Room for their southern fried chicken.

Along with sweet potato soufflé, and collard greens with pot liquor.

To burn off some of the calories and to get outside, we rushed over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the tulips and their new Trolls (!) installation.

I’ll tell you more about the Trolls in other posts.

What a fun third day on our Savannah Saint Patrick’s day escape trip!

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“The Artful Dodger“ #16

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

Minding my own business and gobbling up Robert’s yummy EBB (egg, bacon, and biscuit breakfast) …

… I took a few-seconds break and put my fork down to breathe.

That’s when I saw her …

A cute little chick perched upon an amber crag, nearly blending in.

“How adorable,” I thought, “I wonder how she/he got inside the apartment.”

But if truth be told, I did not wonder long. I picked up my fork.

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“The Artful Dodger“ #15

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

Minding my own business, I sauntered into my bathroom …

… and and was caught off guard with a sudden sneaky suspicion that I was not alone.

But I saw no one.

I saw no one, that is, until I spotted Little Blue Horse, with his head hung low.

“What’s wrong, mon petit,” I softly asked.

He answered me nought, and so I left him in his silent spray, (I mean grey!) meditation.

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“The Artful Dodger“ #12

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

So last night HR and I were at Bar Food Sports, one of our very favorite Savannah restaurants/bars.

We ordered the Carolina barbecue wings (extra veggies, with both blue cheese and ranch dressing, because we so disagree about that—causing near-relationship-ending issues), with a side of spring rolls. I know, I know, that’s mixing cultures and all kinds of things.

I was minding my own business, enjoying the vibe, when, lo and behold, I reached for a spring roll artistically placed on a bed of shredded lettuce, took a bite, asked Robert for a quick little kiss, looked down and saw this …

Both our last names start with S. “Saye” for me, “Smith” for HR.

“The universe must be telling us something!!!” I over-enthusiastically semi-shouted to Robert.

He stared at me, as if I were a child, picked up a wing and gnawed it to the bone.

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“The Artful Dodger“ #11

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

So the other morning, Robert made these incredibly delicious apple fritters … from scratch! (The only thing I do from scratch is my back.)

He thought they turned out way too brown and bland.

But oh my goodness, they were beyond delicious. Apple-y, cinnamon-y pastry sweet.

And when he put mine on my breakfast saucer, I gasped! (Gay men gasp dramatically so very well.)

Look what I saw!

Wait, let me zero in a bit better.

See him? No?! Okay, here …

A big fat brown bunny. He hopped. And hopped. Right into my mouth.