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My Saturday Evening Post: 5/21/22 “Fancy Coffee”

Yesterday morn, Robert and I headed over to a new bistro near us, Alexander’s, for coffee and a little breakfast. I got my usual (whatever drip they were featuring), but HR went all fancy — a latte with mocha.

Look at the coffee.
Look at me.

The orange flower was edible! (He didn’t share.)

My coffee came in a sad brown paper cup. I had to force it to let me take its picture.

After HR’s sausage roll and my Kanelbullar cinnamon roll (with pearled sugar!), we just weren’t ready to leave, so we shared a beautifully delicious Scottish Egg.

Fun, fun morning.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/6/22

1. Our new salt and pepper grinders!

(It doesn’t take much to make me excitedly happy.)

2. Pretty in purple.

Blue Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile), Morning walk in Historic District Savannah

3. The belief that our United States of America is still a democracy, despite the extremists (even seeping into the Supreme Court), who want to declare it — and make it — not so.

4. HR’s (Husband Robert’s) creative culinary expertise. Here’s a recent breakfast bowl …

5. Robert, dogs and me.

“Arf. Arf. We love everyone. Don’t you?”

May You Have a Happy First Weekend in May!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 4/1/22

1. Yummy breakfast, “Spinach and Bacon Skillet,” with over-easy eggs and blue cheese crumbles, at J. Christopher’s, a favorite and nearby breakfast hangout here near us in Savannah.

2. Bright green.

3. HR’s wedding ring, reflecting light.

4. Air. To breathe.

5. More and more symbols of solidarity with Ukraine in my Savannah neighborhood.

Peace. Peace. Peaceful Weekend.