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Five Friday Happy Bringers (8/2/13)

How did it get to be August so quickly?!  Well, it’s here, it’s late summer and I LOVE this time of year.  Here specifically are five reasons I’m happy.

1.  The ability to read.  I just finished this fascinatingly disturbing (but ultimately empowering) book:


(I will never walk through the grocery store the same way again.  We Americans consume on average 22.7 teaspoons of sugar a day?!  Philip Morris owns major processed food companies and uses similar advertising techniques?!  Huh?  What?)

2.  Funny business cards:


3.  The ability to hear. 


4.  The ability to breathe deeply.





5.  Believing in the best.

Breathe in joy deeply this weekend!

Take a Moment

Whatever you’re doing right now, I encourage you to take about ten seconds for a little relaxation break. Take a long deep breath in and let it out slowly, saying this in your mind, “I choose joy in my life.”


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