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Five Friday Happy Bringers — 4/11/14

1.  Good morning coffee.


2.  The Forsyth Farmers Market every Saturday morning here in downtown Savannah.




3.  Being a part of the Gratitude in the Squares gathering each Wednesday at noon.


4.  Putting together an Easter Egg Tree in daughter Emily’s front yard.





5.  Blooming.



Great Weekend!


Good Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning to you!

Say those two words together and see how they feel: “good” and “Monday.”
They actually can feel great paired.

(Coffee with soy milk at Foxy Loxy on Bull Street.)

Coffee Money

But, then again, you need money to buy coffee, so I guess money can buy happiness after all.

Here’s to coffee money!

“These Are a Few of My ….”

Guess what?

No, really, guess!

Well, naw, but … they sell Dunkin Donuts coffee in the cafeteria at the hospital here in Savannah where the twins were born!  Can you believe that piece of good news?!  This has simply made my day.  I will be making many more hospital visits from here on out.

So a little earlier, Mom Emily and Dad Travis were sleeping here in the hospital room with the twins, and I had gotten my DD from the the now-sacred cafeteria.  Sitting in this surprisingly comfortable green (fav color, remember?) side chair, I heard Girl Madison get a tad fussy.  So I picked her up and held her close to try to let the Parental Sleeping Episode last a bit longer.  While gazing into Madison’s beautiful fresh eyes, for some reason I heard Julie Andrews singing “A Few of My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music (don’t judge me).  And wham! it hit me:


What a wonderful little time Madison and I had.

(And I gave her only about 10 cc of DD.)


Five Friday Happy Bringers (7/20/12)

I love Friday, don’t you?  Here are Five Things I’m joyful about today.

1.  The ability to taste.

2.  Believing that Everything is going to be Allright.

3.  Islands.


4.  The smell of morning coffee.

5.  The color green.  I grin green!

I get lost in green.

Since tinytothood I’ve been in love with the color.  I’m not really sure why.  But a few theories:

* Green tells me to stop stopping and to go.

* Green knows how to share–for example, it finds itself paired with Red at Christmas and in stuffed olives.

* It is alive.

*  Green is wealthy and abundant, is close with Presidents.

* Green has a great sense of humor.  It’s not afraid to joke around.

Once, I asked green what s/he wanted people to know about her/him.  The answer surprised me:  “I’m not envious.  That ‘green with envy’ reputation is all wrong, made up by other colors.  I am confident, and I don’t want what orange or blue has.  I like me just as I am.  The grass is not greener on the other side; it’s plenty green right here.”

I like hanging out with green.

So does Mr. Happy.

Green is beautiful.

Green is also a youthful color.

A festive color.

(Okay, no comments about the hair color last St. Patrick’s Day.  But really, Neal?  Seriously?)

I hope I didn’t get too corny in this post.  Allright, I’m outta here.  Now tell me:  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR, AND WHY?

Have a Happily Colorful Weekend!

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