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Weeds?! Says who?!

So I was minding my own business this morning, waiting “patiently” in the car, while Robert did who knows what at a UPS store.

I looked out my passenger side window and saw this …

“Weeds,” I dismissively thought.

Then the sort of chubby one in the middle said to me, “Why are you judging us?”

And then that smaller one to the left said, “What gives you the right?“

Embarrassed, I looked again.

And then I saw my very favorite color,GREEN, beautifully rejoicing in the morning sun.

And I had to agree with so many other folks smarter than me …


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Five Friday Happy Bringers 2/17/23

1. Understanding why someone might decide to become a thief …

2. HR and me — renewing our vows at our church’s annual ceremony.

3. Believing that most people are at their core, good.

4. Back to the first Happy Bringer, the ability to savor chocolate.

(I didn’t steal it.)

5. The expression on grandson Matthew’s face as he was given his certificate announcing that he is now a part of the gifted program at his school.

(And Robert congratulating him.)

May this weekend bring you gifts of peace, health and joy.

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A Valentine’s Day Miscellany

A few odds and ends from Valentine’s Day 2023.

Taking a walk this morning near us here in Savannah, Robert and I came upon this neat little house.

They go all out every holiday. And I always look forward to their displays.

Those of you who follow my blog may remember that Robert is an MCG (Multiple Card Giver). I used to think it was odd that I would get more than one card for my birthday, etc., but now I kook forward to it.

My valentineS this year:

And open!

My haul

And here’s my card to HR:

(We were both obviously on sort of a gay theme this year.)

His haul

A Blooming Valentine-y February in Savannah …

I hope you’re having a LOVE-ly day.

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“Robert and … #31”

A blog category of pics I’ve taken of HR (Hubby Robert) and … well, just about anything.

Robert and … shoes.

So we were walking home yesterday from somewhere or other. When all of a sudden, Robert stopped, excitedly, and spent at least five minutes, maybe ten, taking pictures of … a pair of abandoned shoes on the sidewalk.

I started to argue. And ask him why. But then I thought about the importance of maintaining relationships. So instead, I paused, and did a little meditation exercise.