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Here’s My Office

I really like my office in the Newton Building on Georgia Southern University’s campus.  Even with the tall, really skinny window.    It actually makes me happy to walk into it.  (The office, not the window.)

Here’s a little look at my office.

7 thoughts on “Here’s My Office

  1. Two important questions: one, when are you coming by to decorate my office? And two, why have we not talked about having hair spray in our offices? I LOVE Big Sexy Hair!


    1. Well, Emma, here’s how I decorate my office: If a student turns in a cool project that I really like (I do a lot with visual kinds of assignments), then I tell her or him some story such as, “You know, Elvira, your project was so grand that I’m letting some colleagues look at it, so it will be a while before I can return it to you.” Then I hang it on my wall or place it on a shelf for prominent display. If the student wants to meet in my office for a conference, I either cover up the project with a cashmere throw or else get a tall co-worker (such as Terry Thompson next door to me) to come and stand in front of the project. So there you go.


      1. That’s brilliant. Maybe I can get Terry to come down to the first floor from time to time and do the same thing? First, I’ve got to think of some projects that will result in fabulous decorating … Can refinishing furniture count as poetry?


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