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You Raise Me Up

I love students.  They’re so “learny” and all.  Well today I gave my first of three finals of the week here at Georgia Southern.  My Everyday Creative Writing class is such a wonderfully cool and fun group of students.  (Although I could easily say the same about each of my classes this semester.)

Here they are at the beginning of class today, writing the reflection portion of the portfolio:

Such hard workers.

And here they are, soon after I began a little lecture comparing taking a final exam to running the race of life (Lesson 42 of my Listen to Neal and Learn series):

And, look, here they are when I stood in front of the room and asked them the first fifty-point exam question: “Who is the best professor in the universe?”

They REALLY are a SMART group of students!  I’m just so very proud of them.

And, look again, here they are when they received the second fifty-point question: “Who is wearing the coolest shirt in the room?”

I have to say that some of their facial expressions got on my nerves a bit.  Like THEY had on hip shirts!


One of the most incredible benefits of being a professor is that students teach the prof SO much about life:  about being excited and interested and vibrant.  About believing that all things are possible.  (I forget that from time to time.)  About taking risks.  About taking naps.  About being happy.  About enjoying NOW.  About enjoying hot, fresh french fries from McDonald’s.  About living life with fervor.

Simply put, my students lift me, they raise me up.

(Can you tell I’m sort of horizontal there?)

I dedicate this song to all my WONDERFUL students who daily lift me up.  Thank you.  You add much joy to my life.

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