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Staring Contest #3

There I was minding my own business in beautiful downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida, when out of nowhere a sign warned me of pirates in the area.

Now don’t get me wrong; I know there are some good pirates out there–I’ve even met a few.  So when I ran into this guy,

I tried to be nice and smile.  But like the kind of pirate who gives the whole kit and kaboodle a bad name, this one IMMEDIATELY starting taunting me, making fun of my glasses–and my mother–and then challenged me to a staring contest.  For the first time since I had started to tremble, I took a deep breath and smiled again.  Why?  Faithful blog follwers know that staring contests are my speciality.  Renaissance men?  No problem!  Famous football coaches?  Like I’m scared of them!

I accepted, and the feud began.

He had trouble looking me directly in the eyes at first.  But then we really got into the heat of battle.  I WAS not backing down for no blame cutthroat pirate!

So who won?

Let’s just SAYE the victor ain’t got no peg leg and leave it at that!


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