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The Twins! The Twins! They’ve Arrived! They’ve Arrived!

Last night at 9:34 and 9:35 Younger Daughter Emily finally gave birth to the much-anticipated TWINS!

Welcome, Welcome. Sweet Little Ones!

Mathew Anthony Olliff met the world first, weighing in at 6.1 pounds and measuring 19 inches.

Madison Noel Olliff yelled hello one minute later, tipping the scales at 4.9 pounds and lining up at 17.5 inches.

Don’t they just look so very intelligent?

We have things to do:

And places to go:

So look out, world!

And look! I’ve already won an award:

(Oh, by the way, Mom Emily and Dad Travis are doing well.)

[More later (much, much more, I’m sure).]

19 thoughts on “The Twins! The Twins! They’ve Arrived! They’ve Arrived!

  1. Congratulations to all!! Life is wonderful with new babies, such miracles. Yes, they do look intelligent and a lot like their grandpa, which is where I am sure they got their intelligent. Glad every one is doing well. Be sure you get plenty of rest now,helping birth those babies can wear you out.


  2. Congratulations Neal. I can tell how much you love you other grandkids. They are lucky to call you grandpa. More sweeties to love in your retirement!


  3. How precious!Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours as well. I will follow it and invite you to follow mine, if you haven’t already. Best wishes, beebeesworld


  4. There’s this myth that you can enjoy them, then give them back. My advice to you is, rest up all you can. You will need it. Also, you will love being a grandpa. Enjoy.


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