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Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/3/13)

It’s Cinco de Mayo weekend, so let’s be happy!  Here are five more reasons I’m smiling.

1.  Ships


2.  Getting good deals at the Dollar Tree.


(And being patriotic at the same time.)

3.  Grandson Daniel trying to get Grandtwin Matthew to patty cake.  (Wait a sec, is it pat-a-cake?)


4.  Learning (great emphasis on “learning”) to go with the flow, instead of fighting against it.


5.  Grilling pork chops the other night and creating a NealEnJoy Marinade with apple butter and Dale’s Seasoning.  Yum, yum, yum!  But I ate them before I thought to take a picture to show you.  I considered snapping a quick photo of my belly, but I couldn’t stretch my iPhone out far enough for the reverse camera thingy to get my midsection so bloated.  So I thought to myself, “You know, you could probably ‘Google image’ (I just created a new verb!) a pic that would pass as your NealEnJoy marinated pork chops, and, really, who would know?”  But after the Googling, I was bamboozled by all the pork chop pictures that came up.

This could be a picture, for example, of my chops …


… except they are in a frying pan.  But that frying pan does look like one of mine.

And don’t these look good?


And thick:


And these remind me SO MUCH of how my mama used to fry pork chops for supper.


Then the Internet surfing got weird.  Here’s a man grilling pork chops with his standing dog watching.


And I discovered that Republican politicians absolutely LOVE pork chops.  Here’s Mitt Romney eating one.


And Texas Governor Rick Perry.


And would you believe it?  Here’s John McCain eating a pork chop too.


Not to mention Rudy Giuliani.


I started to call somebody to report my findings about partisan pork, but I didn’t know who.  Then, lo and behold, guess who popped up chowing down on a chop?!


And a pork sandwich.


Fifteen minutes and gobs of chop pics later, I started to smell more pork.  Then out jumped an advertisement of Miss Piggy hawking her line of perfume called … yep, Pork Chops.


Enough of this foolishness.  May we all flow into a beautiful weekend ahead.

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