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Five Friday Happy Bringers—Christmas Eve/Family Edition 12/24/21

1. Robert’s and my annual holiday ritual of reading our beloved “A Cup of Christmas Tea” and “raising a cup of Christmas cheer to loved ones and family far and near.” (That includes YOU!)

2. Grandson Daniel singing “Hallelujah” with a chorus friend at the Savannah Country Day School Holiday Concert.

(Not that I’m a proud grandfather or anything.)

3. Having a fun early Christmas Luncheon Extravaganza (as I titled it) with ex-wife/great friend Donna at Savannah’s The Pirates’ House Restaurant.

4. Robert’s beautifully delicious and holiday-ish “Watermelon and Kiwi Breakfast Salad” sprinkled with fresh mint and nutmeg, and a side of pickled beets with jalapeño sauce and smoked paprika. (He sounded a little uppity to me when he explained the menu.)

The spiced oranges (we made last night) are pretending to lay low in the pic above. But are trying to steal the show.

5. And finally, recognizing and joyfully acknowledging that ….

Yes, they are. Look and you will see!

Blessed Christmas Eve to you.

4 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers—Christmas Eve/Family Edition 12/24/21

    1. Hi Matt. It’s easy, fun and smells great. Grab a jar of whole cloves, and with a toothpick (or whatever) punch holes into a design of your choice into an orange, tangerine, lemon or lime. Then push the cloves into the holes. Voila!


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