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A Fourth of Joy


May your Independence Day 2015 be filled with an abundance of all things you consider good!



A Most Awesome Father’s Day & Night!


I hope your Father’s Day (and night) 2015 has been a peaceful and joyful one.  Mine was/is.  Spent time with both daughters and all four grandies.  What a blessing to have them all in my Savannah.  My cards:


And an incredible Facebook post by older daughter Amy:


“Happy Father’s Day to my very hip and high impact dad!  I am blessed to have a dad who taught me to love without discrimination, to have joy in all circumstances, and who creates an environment of safety and acceptance where I am free to develop into my best and truest self.”


What a Difficult and Unparalleled Joy Fatherhood is!



Happy Flag Day 2015!


As the sun goes down on Flag Day 2015, may we all pause a moment to express our gratitude for what this banner represents to us.





Not “Happy” Memorial Day


It’s pretty embarrassing.  The way we seem to get the holidays connected to our military all mixed up.  It’s about 4:30 on MEMORIAL DAY 2015, and I have already heard at least half a dozen folks yelling “HAPPY Memorial Day!”  Or, as happened a few minutes ago, a sincere man coming up to Robert and me–and shaking the hand of Robert (retired Army), exclaiming, “Thank you for your service!”  And while good-natured, neither response is actually appropriate.


Memorial Day, of course, is a day set aside for paying tribute to and remembering, with thanksgiving, all those who gave their lives while serving our country in the military.


Here’s a great little article explaining the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day:



And here’s a beautiful photo essay about Memorial Day:


Meaningful, Appreciative Memorial Day to you all today!




2014 Holiday Declaration!


Sometimes I am a bit slow, so today when I looked at my calendar, it hit me: THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST UPON US!  Now, I realize that all the Halloween candy, as well as the Christmas songs already pumping at the malls, should have alerted me, but they didn’t.

Thanksgiving.  Is.  Two.  Weeks.  From.  Thursday.

This year, I truly desire to Appreciate and Experience and Enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas a bit more slowly and reflectively than in years past.

So I’m brushing off an affirmation/prayer that I wrote a few years back.  And I invite you to try out my Affirmative, Declarative statement about the coming weeks:

“Our Holiday Season 2014 will be marked (and remembered) by peals of liberating laughter; jubilant joy; feel-so-good health; demonstrated appreciation of friendship; family fun; and an ever-increasing abundance of all things we consider GOOD.”

Say it out loud and see how it feels to you.  Then let’s prophesy a Joyful Season ahead. I challenge you!


From Ashes


Tonight I attended an Ash Wednesday service at my church.  Somber and reflective but ultimately so very life affirming.


Today begins the season of Lent, a time of 40 days leading up to Easter.  It is an opportunity to look within ourselves to see what needs changing and healing.  In the earliest centuries, when Christians sinned and were sorry, they would often put ashes on their heads as a symbol for their grief and regret.

Today the ashes remind us that we are creatures of the earth, and that we have a limited time upon this planet.  They also remind us of new life, and the ground from which new plants grow.

“It is from dust you came, and it is to dust you shall return, but your spirit is eternal.” 





May we live our lives fully, with great appreciation for all our days.

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