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A Fourth of Joy


May your Independence Day 2015 be filled with an abundance of all things you consider good!



A Most Awesome Father’s Day & Night!


I hope your Father’s Day (and night) 2015 has been a peaceful and joyful one.  Mine was/is.  Spent time with both daughters and all four grandies.  What a blessing to have them all in my Savannah.  My cards:


And an incredible Facebook post by older daughter Amy:


“Happy Father’s Day to my very hip and high impact dad!  I am blessed to have a dad who taught me to love without discrimination, to have joy in all circumstances, and who creates an environment of safety and acceptance where I am free to develop into my best and truest self.”


What a Difficult and Unparalleled Joy Fatherhood is!



Happy Flag Day 2015!


As the sun goes down on Flag Day 2015, may we all pause a moment to express our gratitude for what this banner represents to us.





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