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Quick Quality Quote” #1

A blog category featuring meaningful (at least to me) quotations.

But first, isn’t today’s date so very cool and all “Twosday “?! Ex-wife/retired math professor Donna (I’m still struggling to find a better term than “ex-wife”) explained today, 2/22/22, on our family’s joint text thread. That’s me saying, “Happy, Healthy….” and then Donna answering:

[Fyi: I had Just finished PREDICTING that I would win tonight’s Mega Millions before reading her text.]


Okay, sorry, here’s the inaugural QQQ:

“Just to be is a blessing; just to live is holy.”

Philosopher Abraham Joshua Hershel

Let’s BE.

Let’s LIVE.

Let’s be HOLY.

2 thoughts on “Quick Quality Quote” #1

  1. I’ll live and I’ll love but sorry, I won’t be holy! Nothing wrong with ex-wife and in your case it’s a starter for ten as a conversational gambit at a party! Own it and enjoy it, live, love and be happy.

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