4 thoughts on “One-Word Wednesday: 6/15/22

  1. That’s a bird nest?
    Neal, Do you and and HR drive in a car to all these places? Or do you have a private jet? I am amazed! All I want to do is walk again on the sugar white sands of Sarasota Beach as I did as a child. But I can’t figure out how to get there….(lots of constraints)

    Send me your email address.

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    1. Ha, Rosemarie. It was this wild site-specific installation at the museum. I’ve never seen anything like it. Since you asked, I’ll do a blog post on its significance. Robert and I drive if it’s day-tripish. R actually drives mostly while I read to us out loud. I want you to walk on Sarasota Beach again!! Email: sayeneal@gmail.com


  2. I love these. have a picture of me in a similar nest I just posted on Facebook a couple of days ago. It’s my favorite idea for a retirement home! PS: I’m so impressed you can read while in a car. I’ve never been able to without…


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