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“These Vagabond Shoes” #6

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Well, it’s about time to take off the vagabonds and head back to Savannah.

But first …

I love St. Patrick’s Cathedral here in New York. And in every city we visit, I try to find a church and light a candle as a meditation and prayer for us all:

“May we be happy. May we be healthy. May we be safe. May we be at peace and live our lives with ease.”

Oh, and get an ornament for our Christmas Travel Tree.

Oh gosh, I almost forgot to tell you. HR and I were able to spend some quality time with a major Broadway star! Can you believe that? What an unexpected NY surprise.

Robert (who defines “truth” a little more strictly than I do) is forcing me to tell you what actually happened. Well, we were walking down West 52nd, minding our business, when we happened upon The August Wilson Theatre, where “Funny Girl” is currently playing.

All of a sudden I heard HR gasp and squeal like an eighth grade girl, as he grabbed my arm (a little too roughly for my taste), halting us on the busy sidewalk. “It’s her!” he was able to squeak, in near hysterics. I looked over as a tall woman stood just inside one of the no-admittance side doors to the theatre, greeting a young man entering said door.

It was Jane Lynch! (She plays Fannie’s mom in the musical.)

She quickly closed the door.

We so loved our week in New York! You must join us next time!

8 thoughts on ““These Vagabond Shoes” #6

  1. What a fun trip you guys had! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. Maybe we can have a blogger meet up in NYC next year and see a show together. What a hoot that would be.

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  2. Eh…my wife ain’t fond of NYC, next time come to the Lehigh Valley 😉…by the way My cousin does off Broadway stuff…look him up, Chip Deffaa.

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