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“These Vagabond Shoes” #6

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Well, it’s about time to take off the vagabonds and head back to Savannah.

But first …

I love St. Patrick’s Cathedral here in New York. And in every city we visit, I try to find a church and light a candle as a meditation and prayer for us all:

“May we be happy. May we be healthy. May we be safe. May we be at peace and live our lives with ease.”

Oh, and get an ornament for our Christmas Travel Tree.

Oh gosh, I almost forgot to tell you. HR and I were able to spend some quality time with a major Broadway star! Can you believe that? What an unexpected NY surprise.

Robert (who defines “truth” a little more strictly than I do) is forcing me to tell you what actually happened. Well, we were walking down West 52nd, minding our business, when we happened upon The August Wilson Theatre, where “Funny Girl” is currently playing.

All of a sudden I heard HR gasp and squeal like an eighth grade girl, as he grabbed my arm (a little too roughly for my taste), halting us on the busy sidewalk. “It’s her!” he was able to squeak, in near hysterics. I looked over as a tall woman stood just inside one of the no-admittance side doors to the theatre, greeting a young man entering said door.

It was Jane Lynch! (She plays Fannie’s mom in the musical.)

She quickly closed the door.

We so loved our week in New York! You must join us next time!

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“These Vagabond Shoes” #5

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

French Crème Donut and coffee for a beautiful quick breakfast.

In an attempt to see just how embarrassingly touristy two people from Savannah can get, Robert and I hopped on the Roosevelt Island Tram and headed over to Roosevelt Island.

And enjoyed the greenery beside the East River.

“Hmm, how did I get so lucky to snare Neal?”

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“These Vagabond Shoes” #4

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Robert and I opted for a tiny breakfast at Carnegie Diner to start off our day today …

Then a 10 kilometer bike ride around Central Park to burn off some of the calories.

Then I forced a somewhat disinterested HR to walk over and look at my dream NY condo.

He doesn’t seem quite as thrilled as I do.

In case anyone wants to buy it for me as an early Christmas gift, or even for National Watermelon Day (August 3), it’s the Plaza Tower on 60th Street east of the park.

I prefer the bigger middle-balcony apartments (see below), but I guess I would settle for the smaller balcony to the left or right, if that’s all you can really afford. But maybe you could simply work on your budget a little to free up some cash. Do you really need to eat out so often? Home cooked food is cheaper and healthier. And what’s wrong with your children wearing hand-me-downs? They need to learn about not always having to get the “best of everything.” And Goodwill has some really nice stuff, like everything you need—pots, pans, dishes, books, old electronics, furniture and hammers. It would be a win-win situation.

Then Robert rudely forced me away from where I was respectfully peering into a lower-level window just so he could go back to the hotel and … take a nap, of all things! IN THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS.

After HR got his rest on, and I made lists of what I would bring from Savannah to put in the new condo, we subwayed down to Chinatown for lunch at our fav restaurant there. But lo and behold, there was an hour wait at Hop Kee, so we found another little place on a side street—The Taiwan Pork Chip House.

So good! I got the salt and pepper chicken with scalded vegetables. I didn’t pay enough attention to see what Robert got. But here’s what it looked like.

We love Chinatown!

We only have one more day in Manhattan, so if you plan to join us, you need to come on up.

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“These Vagabond Shoes” #3

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

I’m very picky about my coffee, basically thinking that all coffee EXCEPT DUNKIN’ DONUTS tastes like black ashes in hot water. So I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the cute little, gay-owned coffee shop, Kahve in Hell’s Kitchen close to our hotel.

The coffee was delicious!

Yummy coffee, me, and a girl’s leg.

Robert and I signed up for a Gay Pride Tour here in New York. We were to meet at Christopher Park in Greenwich Village near the iconic Stonewall Inn (arguably the birthplace of the gay rights movement).

We arrived a bit early. Stood in the tiny park for a while. Then heard two loud explosions and saw black smoke billowing from the apartment building next to the Stonewall!

We watched as the frazzled residents were rushed out of the building, and the fire engines loudly arrived.

Well, this is New York, so our plucky guide Joe went on with the tour for HR, a handful of friendly folks from the UK and me.

Thankfully the fire was extinguished, and the firemen put away the hoses.

What a smokin’ tour!

Well, the tour and the fire left us hungry and thirsty. so we headed to Julius, New York’s oldest gay bar, for incredible burgers and a pint.

Julius was the site of the “Sip-ins” of the 1960’s, fashioned after the Sit-ins of the Civil Rights movement. Gay folks went to bars, said they were homosexuals and were refused service, leading to widespread awareness of LGBTQ discrimination-and eventual changes in the laws.

What a fiery gay day we had!

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“These Vagabond Shoes” #2

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Seeing Broadway’s ”Company” with Patti Lapone.

Oh. My. Goodness. One of my top five Broadway musicals I’ve ever seen. (Well, I am gay.) All about the crazy expectations we heap upon relationships. (Don’t get HR started.)

I’m glad HR’s my company.

After the play, here’s Robert embarrassingly trying to convince me that he could make it in NY as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

“What? You don’t think I could?” he angrily pouted as he stormed away.

I finally caught up with HR and calmed him down with some New York pizza. (Pizza always works.)

But just between us, let’s be honest, HR simply couldn’t do those strut kicks.

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“These Vagabond Shoes”

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Robert and I are in Manhattan for a few days. But before that, we were all cool and hip up in the Catskills seeing grandson Daniel in his drama camp closing show …

HR, me and Daniel’s folks.
Post play with Daniel

Such fun!

Now we’re in Manhattan, pretending to be cosmopolitan and citified, and not provincial Savannahians. But having such trouble because I forgot to just pack all black chic clothing for both of us.


And I bought HR a horse!

More later.

I’m sure you’re holding your breath!