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The Difficult Truth of 1619 — #10

A blog category examining the difficult yet enlightening truth found in The 1619 Project.

A major contributor to the prosperity of the United States …

“The prosperity of this country is inextricably linked with the forced labor of the ancestors of more than 30 million Black Americans, just as it is linked to the stolen land of the country’s indigenous people.

Though our high school history books seldom make this plain, slavery and the hundred-year period of racial apartheid and racial terrorism known ad Jim Crow were, above all else, systems of economic exploitation. To borrow a phrase from Ta-Nehisi Coates, racism is the child of economic profiteering, not the father.” p. 458

2 thoughts on “The Difficult Truth of 1619 — #10

  1. It was not just the US who benefited from our use of slaves. Glasgow, in Scotland, was built on the wealth of tobacco and other products from the New World. Almost every other major port in Europe likely benefited too.

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