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Five Friday Happy Bringers 8/26/22

1. Realizing that some broken things CAN be fixed.

My special wooden “N” (for Neal) that I somehow dropped and splintered.

But now it’s back on the top of my Desires Board, next to Mr. Happy and down just a bit from my Yes Stick. (Okay, I can see your furrowed brow. During the pandemic, HR and I traveled to a bunch of Georgia State parks, where we went on many a hike. I would often see a Y-shaped stick or tree branch on the trail and tell Robert it was a Yes Stick, to pause and think of something to say “Yes!” to. On one marvel-ous hike at Tugaloo State Park, HR saw this Y Stick, brought it home and shellacked it for us. Yes! TMI?)

2. The incredible ability to walk (which I usually just take for granted). To be able to put one foot in front of the other … and go forward! Try it!

3. Finally finishing with Robert this week the eye-, mind- and heart-opening A New Origin Story: The 1619 Project.

A difficult but so important read about the role that slavery and racism played in our nation’s founding—and continues to play in the U.S. today.

I wish its meticulously documented truths could be taught in every high school.

5. Butterflies

Callaway Resort and Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA

Species: HR

4. Soap. (For sensitive skin)

I wish you a joyfully clean weekend ahead.

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