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My Saturday Evening Post: 9/17/22 “Eggshell What?”

So, Robert and I were enjoying an evening walk here in historic district Savannah near where we live. Minding our own business. When we came upon this …

Wait. You need to look down.

See? Broken eggshells carefully placed at the base of the door to this business.

Robert frustratingly interrupted me by taking my pic as I was trying to start an important investigative report.

But. What? Huh? Eggshells at the bottom of a door?

I tried to research it a bit. But didn’t find too much except for vague references to Savannah voodoo and magic.

What do you think is going on here?

Should I go to the business Monday morning and ask?

6 thoughts on “My Saturday Evening Post: 9/17/22 “Eggshell What?”

  1. I’ve heard of putting eggs at a door is protective, but never seen eggshells. Maybe a raccoon found the eggs and had a feast! But generally if there was a water source, you might find the eggshells by it, if it was a raccoon. (<—purely speculative)

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