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My Saturday Evening Post: 11/12/22 “Mini Golf? No, MAXI GOLF!”

So today, HR’s and my assignment was to pick up grandson Gabriel from one sleepover, get him lunch at Chik-fil-A and take him to another sleepover. His parents are out of town.

No problem. An easy assignment.

But then the Universe got in the way. Gabriel‘s friend from the second sleepover was not going to be home for another couple of hours.

So we went inside Chick-fil-A for a sit-down lunch. Taking up half an hour. (Grandchildren can eat!)

What to do for the remaining time before dropping him off? (We were quite away from his house and from our house.)

Retired professor and older grandfather that I am, I sincerely suggested going to a nearby library. ON A SATURDAY. And maybe “hang out” or just spend a little time browsing the shelves.

Both Robert and Gabriel stared at me, as if I was suggesting that we strangle a new-born kitten.

So Robert, after continuing to glare at me with very mean eyes, just started driving around on Whitemarsh Island, one of Savannah’s many river islands, close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Out of the blue, Gabriel said, “Maybe we can go to Bogey’s Sports Bar and Mini Golf.”

So we did.

And had a JOYFUL hour or so.

End result?

An unexpectedly, incredible fun time.

7 thoughts on “My Saturday Evening Post: 11/12/22 “Mini Golf? No, MAXI GOLF!”

  1. Miniature golf used to be a major activity with grandchildren when they were visiting. I loved allowing them to laugh at my incompetence (not that I had a choice)!

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