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Thanksgiving Parking

So this year Robert and I hosted our big ole modern family’s Thanksgiving Gathering at Skidaway Island State Park here in Savannah.

We rented one of their picnic shelters near the playground and prayed for good weather.

20 of us in all this year.

HR is the family photographer and can get very bossy when telling people where and how to sit or stand.

The youngest. Granddaughter Isabelle.

A joyful gathering.

I hope you had a meaningful and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.

23 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Parking

  1. What a marvelous Thanksgiving you have had! Ours was back in October as up here in Canada we don’t like to get out holidays too close together. Thanks for sharing these photos and HR did a great job with that huge number of people for the family photo. He gets to be demanding if he can produce a photo like that! Just sayin’!!

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      1. Traditionally it’s made similar to tamales and steamed inside corn husks. Our friend makes is like cornbread in a 9×12 pan with cheese on top. I spelled it wrong, it’s humintas. There are lots of good recipes online for it. The ingredients are cornmeal, eggs, corn kernels, anis…


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