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Sunday Night Broth

If you’ve read much of my little blog, you may remember that it doesn’t take much to make me giddily happy.

Think Red Hots.

When I am in the depths of despair, if you hand me a box of Red Hots, all of a sudden, I am a 10 on the Happiness Scale. Like a toddler.

So tonight as I was preparing a Thanksgiving Post-Gluttonous Salad for HR and me, I saw all the beginning-to-wilt produce from our holiday meals. And felt sad. (I obviously needed Red Hots.)

So I decided to make broth!!!

I make homemade broth regularly with leftover vegetable scraps. Don’t you? And use it for soups, stews, smoothies, or just a healthy sip.

Tonight I plopped in scraps from green onions, bok choy, celery, spinach and yellow onions.

In a few minutes, I will smell the incredible aroma and then pour the life-enhancing elixir into these …

Peaceful Sunday Night Slumber to You.

The finished product …

9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Broth

  1. Are you talking left-over cooked vegetables, then I understand the finished liquid? If uncooked left-overs of any and all vegetables including potatoes, same recipe but cooked on the hob then blitzed in a blender. My wife is a souper souper! We love soups especially in these colder (?) months. 🙋‍♂️

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  2. Having just made some delish broth from the chicken carcass I had from the weekend, I know where you’re coming from. I had some lovely soup today with the addition of bits of chicken, some lentils and barley and good garlic bread.

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