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Five Friday Happy Bringers 12/30/22

1. Holly.

I think that Christmas can absolutely not be Jolly without Holly.

2. Robert’s little homemade birch Christmas card-hanging thingy.

3. The ability to wake up each morning and see. SEE! I can look on the other side of the bed and see HR sleeping soundly. (Well, more truthfully, actually HEAR HR sleeping soundly. Whew.) I can look out my window and see the ancient Live Oak tree branches swaying in the wind. I can walk out of the bedroom into the hall, kitchen, living room, and see our modest collection of art, family heirlooms and comfortable rugs …

I can see! What an incredible blessing. But I so often take SEEING for granted.

4. My World Famous Hambone Soup, made from the hambone left over from our Christmas ham.

Oh, and with my jalapeño cornbread.

5. The Truth of this quote …

The destination of life is this eternal moment.” Alan Watts

I truthfully hope you have a joyful last weekend of 2022.

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