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Cutesy Tuesday: “The Power of Every Individual”

Today I am starting a new, occasional blog post category: “Cutesy Tuesday,” highlighting what I consider to be cute.

So yesterday, Robert and I went to our favorite produce stand near us here in Savannah, Davis Produce, out near the Atlantic Ocean, and bought a big bunch of stuff.

But mainly pink-eyed crowder peas and okra. Okra is my favorite vegetable in the history of vegetables; okra is HR’s least favorite vegetable in the history of vegetables. Our marriage is vegetatively tenuous.

But looky there in the lower right-hand corner above (well, and below). When I emptied our bag of goodies, I saw him.

A lone peanut.

Somewhat robust, and holding his own against the okra.

I asked him why he came as the lone peanut, crowded out by the crowder peas and okra.

He responded,

Let us move forward as powerful individuals.

5 thoughts on “Cutesy Tuesday: “The Power of Every Individual”

  1. I must have misunderstood you. Okra is your “favorite” vegetable? How is that possible? I have to admit I’ve never cooked it myself but when served it I thought it mainly resembled snot in flavor and consistency. (Come on…don’t pretend we weren’t all small children and don’t remember what snot tasted like.)

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