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Our Natural State

I LOVE this quote and believe it to be SO true:

“Our natural state of being is joy, and it takes so much energy to think negative thoughts, to speak negative words, and to feel miserable. The easy path is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.  Take the easy path.”                                              — Rhonda Byrne

Do you accept the premise that our most natural (and most transformationally powerful) way to live our lives is in Joy?  And that it is actually easier to think happy thoughts as opposed to unhappy ones?  And that it FEELS better to be happy than to be sad, or angry, or frustrated?  I do … 92% of the time.

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Sometimes our “visionary capability” needs to be increased–in other words, we need to affirm and believe (as best we can) that we are meant to be joyfully prosperous. That we are meant to live in an abundance of all that we consider good.

But how? How do we “get there”? Start this way: make a list (even a quick mental one) of five ways you are already prosperous RIGHT NOW. For example, I feel prosperous because I can breathe in all the oxygen I need to enable my body to be optimally healthy. Take in a long, deep breath right now. Feel that avenue of wealth!

Tell me some ways in which you are prosperous, wealthy, abundant right now. Doing so moves us into receptivity for greater measures of that which we want. Doing so “grants permission.”

“Prosperous”–just saying the word feels good.

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Playful Child–Cont’d from Yesterday

The affirmation I posted yesterday urged us to allow the playful children within us to emerge and have fun. 

I really believe that becoming childlike is KEY to enjoying and loving life.  Little kids have so much fun wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.  Everything is exciting, new, adventurous, unexplored.  Just this evening I went to my grandson Daniel’s soccer practice.  Here D is in his new shoes and shin guards, teetering on the edge of some concrete steps, which are no problem because the shoes “give me power.”  He really believes his theory.

And here’s two-year old Gabriel, urging me adamantly, seriously to “Get in, Abu!”

Children BELIEVE.  And somewhere along the way to work and life, we adults forget how to play, how to teeter, how to invite the impossible to get in and ride with us.  But I want to reclaim that childlikeness.

I want to have fun, to laugh, to imagine, to play, to enjoy, to giggle, to jump, to exclaim, to run, to yell, to live.  Do you?

Maybe it involves taking off masks and putting on masks.

Maybe it involves putting off hats and putting on hats.

Maybe it involves smelling with new noses.

Be childlike from time to time.