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Road to Tybee (and still somewhat on my Green theme)

Lunching recently at Back in the Day Bakery–yum! actually two yums!–on Bull Street here in Savannah, my multi-talented (artist being one of said talents) friend Carl pulled out this small painting as a what-a-surprise Dining Gift (okay, we all know I just made that term up).  Entitled “Road to Tybee” the picture’s subject should look familiar if you have driven the long stretch between Savannah and Tybee Island to the beach.

The photo doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous interplay of greens and blues.  Or the white-gray clouds.  Or the brown-dark mustard marsh growth.  I love the scene’s sense of continuing, continuing.  And of Mother Nature’s peace.

And I also love this little signature thingy (can you see the “C” for Carl?) …

… which means that Carl is going to be REALLY famous one day (or else a doctor), and even though I will desperately want to “money in” on his fame by selling this piece of art, I will not because then I would have to either lie to Carl and never allow him anywhere near my place, or else tell him I selfishly used him as a cash cow.  Thus, I’ll just keep “Road to Tybee” meandering on, on my wall.  That’s the kind of friend I am.  One who considers his options before doing anything rash.

Thanks, Carl, I appreciate the beautiful picture.  It made me happy.  Friendship makes me happy.

[I feel that I probably should let you know that here in graciously southern Savannah, it is a longstanding tradition that if you take me to lunch, you should buy me a gift.  I wouldn’t want you to get embarrassed at not knowing and adhering to local mores and customs.  And following the Boy Scouts mantra of “Be Prepared,” I am registered.]

Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/20/12)

Friday! Five Things:


1. Rainbows. I saw this double rainbow on my way home from work from Statesboro to Savannah.

2. Elephant Ears. (There’s a long true story here involving New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde, a fortune teller and late night. But that’s for another post.)

3. Learning how to be happier. And taking voluntary steps toward that goal.



4. Chilling out at Chili’s. Last night I went to Chili’s for those spicy chicken crispers (yum).



The visit was made more fun by running into Tiffani, a Chili’s worker extraordinaire (whom I had not seen in quite a while). Tiffani ALWAYS has a smile and a laugh. She radiates happiness. Here she is (and of course I had to give her a blog card).



Go Tiffani!

5. Being able to breathe deeply and feel the essence of life flowing in and out of my body.



Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/13/12)

Hey, hey, it’s wonderful Friday once again, and here are Five Things I’m happy about:

1. Today, enjoying so much a great lunchtime experience at Back in the Day Bakery on Bull Street in Savannah. I’ve eaten there before (oh gosh, their cupcakes!) but noon today was especially fun and scrumptious. I ordered the meaty State Fair sandwich, two lavender cookies (yes, lavender) and sweet tea. While at the counter, I noticed a brand new Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook and learned that the owners are on a book tour and will be appearing on Martha Stewart on Monday. (I want to appear on Martha Stewart.)

Here’s cool and hip Stephanie serving the State Fair:

And here’s Stephanie with a couple of beautiful co-workers in front of the new cookbook:

2. Appreciating smart people who can do amazing feats like build bridges. The old drawbridge leading onto Skidaway Island was up when I drove out to visit my daughter this afternoon. A brand new TALL bridge is being built. You can see part of it in this pic I took from my car.

I just find it so amazing that the bridge is going up because of ideas and plans and drawings made by women and men. I need to be smarter.

3. We found out this week that Emily’s twins are one of each–a boy and a girl!

4. The excitement of the promise and newness of springtime.

5. Play


Have a good tasting, smart, twin-sized, playful, spring weekend!


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