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Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/20/12)

Friday! Five Things:


1. Rainbows. I saw this double rainbow on my way home from work from Statesboro to Savannah.

2. Elephant Ears. (There’s a long true story here involving New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde, a fortune teller and late night. But that’s for another post.)

3. Learning how to be happier. And taking voluntary steps toward that goal.



4. Chilling out at Chili’s. Last night I went to Chili’s for those spicy chicken crispers (yum).



The visit was made more fun by running into Tiffani, a Chili’s worker extraordinaire (whom I had not seen in quite a while). Tiffani ALWAYS has a smile and a laugh. She radiates happiness. Here she is (and of course I had to give her a blog card).



Go Tiffani!

5. Being able to breathe deeply and feel the essence of life flowing in and out of my body.



One thought on “Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/20/12)

  1. I have seen more rainbows-single and double-in Statesboro in 15 years than I had anywhere else in the country my whole life! Especially on July 4th at Mill Creek Park!


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