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Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/20/12)

Friday! Five Things:


1. Rainbows. I saw this double rainbow on my way home from work from Statesboro to Savannah.

2. Elephant Ears. (There’s a long true story here involving New Orleans, Cafe Du Monde, a fortune teller and late night. But that’s for another post.)

3. Learning how to be happier. And taking voluntary steps toward that goal.



4. Chilling out at Chili’s. Last night I went to Chili’s for those spicy chicken crispers (yum).



The visit was made more fun by running into Tiffani, a Chili’s worker extraordinaire (whom I had not seen in quite a while). Tiffani ALWAYS has a smile and a laugh. She radiates happiness. Here she is (and of course I had to give her a blog card).



Go Tiffani!

5. Being able to breathe deeply and feel the essence of life flowing in and out of my body.



Five Friday Happy Bringers (4/13/12)

Hey, hey, it’s wonderful Friday once again, and here are Five Things I’m happy about:

1. Today, enjoying so much a great lunchtime experience at Back in the Day Bakery on Bull Street in Savannah. I’ve eaten there before (oh gosh, their cupcakes!) but noon today was especially fun and scrumptious. I ordered the meaty State Fair sandwich, two lavender cookies (yes, lavender) and sweet tea. While at the counter, I noticed a brand new Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook and learned that the owners are on a book tour and will be appearing on Martha Stewart on Monday. (I want to appear on Martha Stewart.)

Here’s cool and hip Stephanie serving the State Fair:

And here’s Stephanie with a couple of beautiful co-workers in front of the new cookbook:

2. Appreciating smart people who can do amazing feats like build bridges. The old drawbridge leading onto Skidaway Island was up when I drove out to visit my daughter this afternoon. A brand new TALL bridge is being built. You can see part of it in this pic I took from my car.

I just find it so amazing that the bridge is going up because of ideas and plans and drawings made by women and men. I need to be smarter.

3. We found out this week that Emily’s twins are one of each–a boy and a girl!

4. The excitement of the promise and newness of springtime.

5. Play


Have a good tasting, smart, twin-sized, playful, spring weekend!


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