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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/15/22

1. HR’s pizza! Oh my. Goodness.

For some reason (maybe because we’re watching Only Murders in the Building) HR chose a murder weapon to slice the masterpiece.

2. Waking up to a brand new day each morning. What an incredible blessing! (Especially after the picture above.)

3. Elephant Ears.

Stop it! On the plant, not on me!

One of my top three favorite plants in the whole wide world. Here’s an old post about the reasons why …

4. The sleek new white chairs in my therapist Rubi’s office

I am a firm believer that therapists ALWAYS strategically place items in their waiting areas with hidden (HA!), underlying (probably-childhood related) purposes. Here’s my theory about the photo above.

On second thought, I’ll just let the redecorated room itself—and the therapists whose clients wait in the room—speak for itself and themselves:

“Hi there. And welcome back! Look at how fresh and clean everything looks in our, we mean YOUR, waiting area. A tabla rosa-ness to it, don’t you think? This session you’re about to have can be a new beginning to your mental health. But remember we have to do it in 50 minutes. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

“The slanting brown legs on the chair? We’re glad you noticed, but come on, you get that, we’re sure. No? Being grounded of course. Connecting to Mother Earth. Therapy doesn’t go straight down and to the point all at once, for goodness sake. It has to slant, meander, hiccup around for a spell. Sometimes quite a spell. Over MULTIPLE 50-minute sessions. And the FOUR legs? Why earth, wind, fire and water, of course.”


I’m sorry but I need to interrupt the room and the therapists for a second here. I took the above photo three weeks ago when the room was just being redone. Look closely at the seat part of the chair. See sort of a crack or opening? I did. And since Rubi had not called me back yet, I looked around to make sure there were no hidden cameras and did what comes naturally to me. I snooped. And, lo and behold, when I placed my hand on the seat part, it was loose. I hoisted it up. It had not been screwed down yet! Okay, again sorry, back to the room and therapists’ spill.


“You might notice the chair is a bit wobbly. That your butt moves up and down and side to side while you’re sitting. No worries. You won’t fall out of it. Just steady yourself. After all, you’ve just got a few loose screws. WE MEAN THE CHAIR HAS GOT A FEW LOOSE SCREWS!!!”


“Hi Neal,” Rubi greets me at my session three weeks ago. “Come on up.” I follow my therapist to his suite but quickly look back at the chair. And it seems to wiggle and wave a bit. I can’t tell if it is taunting or encouraging me.

5. Clouds.

I hope clouds bring you joy this weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers (7/19/13)

Here are five things I’m happy about this warm July Friday in South Georgia.

1.  My newfound love of KALE–here sautéed with onions and garlic.


How else can you eat it?  Anybody know?

2.  Six-year-old Grandson Daniel pretending to be part of an Office Depot sales associates meeting yesterday.  (He got bored when his mother and I were doing some shopping.)  (And he has his grandfather’s sense of humor.)  (I thought it was a lot funnier than the Office Depot folks did.)


Right after I took that picture, Daniel asked me if we could go look at speaker eggs.  Huh?  What?  I’d never heard of such a thing.


How does a kid know about such devices?!  When I asked him, he said that EVERYBODY knows about speaker eggs.  I couldn’t decide if I was proud of him or wanted to spank him.  A little while later, when he asked, “Abu, how old will you be when I’m twenty?” I knew I wanted to spank him.

3.  Eating dinner in a balcony.


(At Sage.  Historic District Savannah.)


4.  Lying down in your bed at night, putting your head on your pillow, and going to sleep.

5.  Savannah Clouds.



Look up at the clouds this weekend!