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My Saturday Evening Post: 10/8/22 “Hello! from Atlanta Pride”

So Robert and I are in Atlanta this weekend for Pride. You may (or may not) know that the traditional month for Pride celebrations is June. But not in the deep South. It’s too hot! And some of our Pride might melt. October works better.

We’re staying at a very cool Airbnb near Piedmont Park where the festival is held.

We get our steps in climbing up to our suite …

“Come on up, Neal!”

And we have our very own little morning coffee spot …

Like-minded folks here.

Georgia races

Today, Saturday, is the Pride festival. (Tomorrow is the parade.)

Such loving, accepting and inclusive fun.

HR, proudly, trying to look cool and hip.


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Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/23/22

1. Having a bed. To lay my head on every night. What a blessing. And to share with my Robert.

The little black bedside lamp was a birthday gift to me from my parents when I was in junior high.

2. Memories—the beautiful as well as the not-so-pretty. They are all a part of our legacy of life.

3. The unique scent of pine.

4. Low country boil for lunch this week.

5. The many faces of pruning.

See them?

Morning walk around Lake Mayer here in Savannah.

May you catch glimpses of beauty this weekend.

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T-Shirt Tuesday “We’re All Connected”

On our morning walk in the mall today (with all the other “it’s-too-hot-to-walk-outside” old folks), HR and I came across this t-shirt in the window of one shop. Robert immediately suggested it for T-shirt Tuesday.

I didn’t quite get it at first. It just looked like an expensive Nike t-shirt.

But there was something about the first photo I took (capturing some neat reflections from behind) that exuded a bit of otherworldliness.

So I looked closer.

And closer.

Mentally removing the “Nike,” I appreciated the truthfulness of the quirky artwork.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we are connected.

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“Robert and … #26”

A blog category of pics I’ve taken of HR (Hubby Robert) and … well, just about anything

Robert (aka HR) back in February and … his healing-from-pneumonia/Covid walks in Savannah squares near us.

Pulaski Square here. With his portable oxygen. And (notice his finger) his oxygen saturation thingy.

My fellow. All better today!