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Prayerful Voting

I love this truthfully encouraging quote from our (by which I mean Georgia’s) senator Raphael Warnock …

“A vote is a prayer about the kind of world we want to live in. And prayers are stronger when we pray together.”

As you may know, on December 6 there is an important senatorial runoff in my state of Georgia between Warnock and Herschel Walker.

I know that many who care not about facts will of course disagree, but Walker has shown himself to be a repeated liar (“I am a deputy!”), a horrendous hypocrite (“I am anti-abortion” while paying for multiple abortions for his lovers), a terrible father (his son says he was never there for him), “pro-family” (which means that he is against my being able to stay married to my husband Robert), “pro-life” which means he is against a woman’s right to have autonomy over her own body, an election denier (“Trump won” — of course Trump won, he groomed and endorsed you), etc, etc, etc.

Here is a link to an article from Georgia Public Broadcasting highlighting the two candidates’ stands on major issues …

May Georgians overwhelmingly dismiss Walker’s corrosive campaign and keep our Senator Warnock in D.C.

“Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.”

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Rainy Night in Georgia

Here in Georgia our Republican candidates are just so … so … uh, interesting.

Take Senate candidate Herschel Walker, for instance.

He’s 100% Pro-Life. Absolutely!

“I’m Christian and Pro-life! A family man!”

It seems that it doesn’t matter one iota if 100% anti-abortionists PAY for abortions. Just as long as they SAY they are against abortions.

Because according to Republicans, at least in Georgia, truth is inconsequential. What matters is what you SAY is truth.

Like Herschel‘s mentor, The Big Liar Donald Trump, who continues to lie about the 2020 election.

“I’m the President! I’m the President! I’m the President!”

Because, again, truth doesn’t matter to liars. Only what they SAY.

So I have decided to adopt and apply Herschel Walker’s/Georgia Republicans’ life philosophy and modus operandi.

I am richer than Elon Musk.

I am richer than Elon Musk.

I am richer than Elon Musk.

P.S. Check back soon to see me on my yacht.

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The Liars Club: Heinous and Hypocritical Herschel

A blog category briefly showcasing the “my-goal-is-to-destroy-democracy” lies of the president of the Liars Club, Donald Trump and his blind and groveling cronies.

I don’t know if you follow national politics, and I’m not sure sometimes why I do, but here in Georgia we have some incredibly important races on the ballot next month.

Georgia has the chance to elect the nation’s first female, black governor if Stacey Abrams can round up enough votes to get past one of the most far-right, extremist and dangerous governors in our nation, Brian “I-Don’t-Care-About-Democracy-Only-My-Agenda” Kemp.

And then, here in Georgia, we are also showcasing arguably the most important Senate race in the nation: proven fair and hard-working Senator Rafael Warnock is running against the heinous and hypocritical, “I’m-famous-only-because-I-could-run-with-a-football” and because “the-Liar-Trump-endorsed-me” Herschel Walker.

Walker has lied about his out-of-wedlock children, about his charity donations, about his college degrees … on and on.

And now the “PRO-LIFE”-Is-the-Only-Way-to-Be candidate (and everyone else is going to hell) is lying about his funding of his girlfriend’s abortion. (PRO-LIFE obviously doesn’t count when it involves “lives” you have “PRO-LIFE-ed.”)

Of course, he denied it.

That’s what Trumpian Liars do. Because, according to them, if you deny reality, it is simply not reality.

And, interestingly, listen to Herschel’s son Christian, communicating about his father…



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Seeing Race and Racism #3 “Look Up”

So HR (Husband Robert—you should know that by now!) and I ventured up to Atlanta this past weekend to see, believe it or not, the Atlanta Opera‘s rendition of “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs.” Beyond fascinating, the opera focused not only on Jobs’ incredible technological accomplishments but even more on his nature as a flawed human, similar to all tragic heroes. And like each of us, I suppose.

Near the opera’s end, at Steve’s memorial service (you may remember that he died of pancreatic cancer), wife Laureen sang a cautionary song about the advice an evolved Jobs would perhaps give to the world: “Version 2.0 of Steve might say: ‘Look up (from your phones), look out, look around. Look at the stars. Look at the sky. Take in the light.’”

Of course, walking out of the Cobb Energy Center after the performance, many in the departing crowd were multitasking by seamlessly looking down at their “One Device” (including me, I must confess), while walking without falling.


While in Atlanta Robert and I stayed at the incredibly beautiful Georgian Terrace Hotel on famous Peachtree Street.

The Georgian Terrace Hotel

The grand old hotel, completed in 1911, has hosted Presidents and other luminaries over the decades. (Btw, we got a good deal, and an upgrade—we always request them everywhere we go. Try it.) And one morning we learned, after grabbing our morning coffee and chocolate croissants on the hotel’s terrace, that the stars of “Gone With The Wind”lodged at the Georgian Terrace for the 1939 World Premier of the iconic movie.

Historical marker just off the hotel’s massive terrace

But hold on just a second. Our history lesson was about to take a somber turn. See the last sentence in the historical marker’s second paragraph? “Clark Cable, Vivian Leigh, and most of the ‘Gone with the Wind’ cast stayed here ….” Interpretation: the white actors stayed at the Georgian Terrace, not the black actors. The black professional actors did not stay at the Georgian Terrace because they were not allowed to attend the world premiere at nearby Loew’s Grand Theatre. The Grand was a segregated theatre in 1939.

Butterfly McQueen (“Prissy”) did not attend. Hattie McDaniel (“Mammy”) did not attend, even though she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Butterfly McQueen and Hattie McDaniel on the set of Gone with the Wind


Here’s Robert, in front of the hotel’s very cool multi-level marble staircase, which Clark Gable, “Rhett,” probably traversed.

And here’s Robert on the 17th story rooftop (we bypassed the fancy stairs for the elevator), beside the pool.

Do you see that little bump in the distance, to the left of HR’s head?

To the far left in the photo below.

It’s Stone Mountain.


Ever heard of it? Well, Stone Mountain is a quartz monzonite dome monadnock (okay, that’s a mouthful). “The mountain is the world’s largest single piece of exposed granite. It weighs over a trillion pounds and covers 583 acres. Only about a third of it is visible above ground. It was formed completely underground and has been uncovered over millions of years of erosion.” (

It is also the home of Stone Mountain Park.

From the “Explore Georgia” website … “Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most visited attraction. With more than 3,200 acres, the park is a unique destination where guests can experience an exciting variety of attractions, entertainment, and recreation. Check out Sky Hike, the nation’s largest family adventure course in the treetops … The Lasershow Spectacular at Stone Mountain Park is the world’s longest-running laser show. Other attractions include Summit Skyride, Dinosaur Explore, Dinotorium, Historic Square, Farmyard, Camp Highland Outpost, Scenic Railroad, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure, Geyser Towers, golf, and museums.”

But there’s something else at Stone Mountain, something that’s kept pretty low in the advertising. “The largest high-relief sculpture in the world depicts hand-chiseled figures of the Civil War. At Memorial Hall, visitors can see the carving’s original designs, scale models, and an 11-minute feature film.”

The carving depicts three Confederate leaders: Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederacy), Robert E. Lee (a general and overall commander of the Confederate States Army) and Stonewall Jackson (another Confederate general and one of the best known commanders after Lee).

But that’s all in the past, right? Old history.

Climbing up, 2021. ABC News

I SO agree with The Stone Mountain Action Coalition about the problem TODAY with the carving …

“Stone Mountain Park, a public park owned by the State of Georgia, is the world’s largest Confederate memorial and shrine to white supremacy. The Park is the birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan and was established as an official Confederate memorial by the State in resistance to desegregation and the civil rights movement. To this day, the Park’s prominent hateful symbols continue to cause pain and attract hate groups and violence.” (stone mountain

And with ideas about what could be done …

“The Stone Mountain Action Coalition wants to reclaim Stone Mountain Park from the state-sponsored Confederacy. We are calling for immediate changes including removing Confederate flags, renaming Park streets and features currently honoring Confederate and Ku Klux Klan figures, and advocating for new legislation to address the restrictive Georgia laws that require the Park to serve as a Confederate memorial.”

Stacey Abrams says it best …

“Confederate monuments belong in museums where we can study and reflect on that terrible history, not in places of honor across our state. Paid for by founders of the 2nd KKK, the monument had no purpose other than celebration of racism, terror & division.” (Fox 5 Atlanta)


I’m married to a black man.

And even though we talk about all of this, I can’t truly understand his feelings and responses to it all. The horror goes back, way back, to the founding of our nation, built on the backs of slave labor. When all men were created equal.

Well, except for black folks. And indigenous folks.

States (including my own) are now passing laws making it illegal to tell what truly happened in our past, “Gone with the Winding” our racist legacy. “Protecting our children” from … truth. Here in Georgia, less than a month ago, misguided Governor Brian Kemp signed into law House Bill 1084, unconstitutionally banning free-speech discussions of “divisive concepts.”

Note #1: The celebratory revelers are overwhelmingly lily white.

Note #2: The location of the signing is Cumming, Georgia. Here’s another historical marker, this one in downtown Cumming, remembering the city’s and Forsyth County’s incredibly violent and racist past.

Question #1: Brazen insensitivity or purposeful symbolism?

Question #2: Why are So Many So Afraid of recognizing the significance of the year 1619? The year 20-30 enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia?
In my old faithful study chair. With our newest read.

Question #3: Why keep the stone mountain hidden, obscured underground? Some things need to be uncovered, exposed.


Maybe 2.0 Steve Jobs was right. We might be better off looking up, looking out, looking around, away from denial of what was, and in many ways, what still is.

Away from the racist carving near the base of the mountain. And up to the yellow daisies that occasionally appear on the summit.

Letting in the light.

New Georgia Encyclopedia
Martin Luther King Jr.
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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling?

Marveling at getting to see and hear Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams here in Savannah on Saturday, making her case for why she should become Georgia’s next governor.

Getting out of her car and being greeted by Savannah Mayor Van Johnson
Such an inspiring speaker.

“I come here because I know Coastal Georgia, Savannah, you all face different challenges. We’re all in need of Medicaid expansion, we need health care in the state of Georgia fully funded so our children aren’t fighting for resources, we all need good jobs in the State of Georgia that pay a living wage, a livable wage.”

And about our recently signed-into-law insane “constitutional carry” bill which allows the carrying of concealed weapons WITHOUT A PERMIT in our state. (It should be called “criminal carry.”)

“In Georgia right now, we have a governor who is making Georgia the wild west. He is not respecting public safety,” Abrams said.

And look! Orange-flowered HR made the news …

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Bad Advice? No, Insane Advice: “Stay Outta Girls’ Bathrooms, Pete Buttigieg!”

If you have followed my blog for a while, you may remember that I have a recurring humorous blog category called “Bad Advice.”But for this post, I feel compelled to change the name to “INSANE ADVICE!”

You may have seen in the news that former President Trump was here in Georgia this past weekend for another one of his “rallies.” House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was a “warm up act” for him.

Here are a couple of sentences from her opening act.


I didn’t realize that our Secretary of Transportation and his husband Chasten were hanging out in girls’ bathrooms!


We need a Marjorie Taylor Greene Vaccine. She is beyond ignorant. She’s dangerously ignorant. And an embarrassment to my wonderful state.