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Root Returning

I loved this small excerpt of a lovely Essene meditation posted by Kelly Curtis on the beautifully inspirational blog, Kelly’s Quest.

“Softness fills my days
In this season of autumn light.
Gentle joy of life returning
To know its roots again.”

As we perhaps slow down a bit this autumn, may we mindfully embrace the quiet, deep and abiding joyful health of our roots.

Contemplative Robert and the foggy Savannah River near us.
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Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/23/22

1. Having a bed. To lay my head on every night. What a blessing. And to share with my Robert.

The little black bedside lamp was a birthday gift to me from my parents when I was in junior high.

2. Memories—the beautiful as well as the not-so-pretty. They are all a part of our legacy of life.

3. The unique scent of pine.

4. Low country boil for lunch this week.

5. The many faces of pruning.

See them?

Morning walk around Lake Mayer here in Savannah.

May you catch glimpses of beauty this weekend.

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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 9/19/22

Walking to beautiful Forsyth Park here in Savannah, HR and I came upon this old Spanish Moss-covered tree we had passed many a time before.

But this time, the tree beckoned us over.

“What,” I asked, still not sure what was going on.

“Why do you all walk past me, ignoring me, disrespecting me? I have been here long before any of you arrived.”

And for the first time in, well, forever, I saw the tree as a living being. A fellow creature on planet earth.

A tree who “sees and understands.”

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/16/22

1. Having lunch with our grandtwins at their new school for this year.

Ex-wife Donna, Madison, Me, Matthew and HR
And the twins’ mom Emily (a May Howard teacher) standing.
Matthew’s lunch: pizza, strawberry milk and a bowl of corn.
Madison had cleaning duty today.

2. Slightly cooler mornings and evenings here in Savannah (in the 70’s), making our walks much more doable.

3. An alternative definition of “Pro-Life.”

On the bulletin board at our local health food store.

4. Reverent Dusk.

The spires of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist near us on our evening walk last night.

5. Having Tybee Island (Savannah’s beach) just down the road from us.

I hope your weekend is filled with treasures.

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My Saturday Evening Post: 9/10/22 “Savannah’s Resurrection Fern”

On our Saturday morning walk, across the street from us here in Historic District Savannah, we came across resurrection fern bursting forth from … bricks.

Do you know about resurrection fern?

From Southern Living magazine …

The fern looks dead when it’s dry, but when it rains, it becomes beautifully green. Even from bricks.

I’m not resurrection fern, but I’m growing from brick too.

Here’s resurrection fern this evening from outside our front door, looking up.

We could probably learn a thing or two from resurrection fern.

I, resurrection fern, am in the lower left, with my green cousins nearby.