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“These Vagabond Shoes” #2

Daily nerdy notes on our New York getaway.

Seeing Broadway’s ”Company” with Patti Lapone.

Oh. My. Goodness. One of my top five Broadway musicals I’ve ever seen. (Well, I am gay.) All about the crazy expectations we heap upon relationships. (Don’t get HR started.)

I’m glad HR’s my company.

After the play, here’s Robert embarrassingly trying to convince me that he could make it in NY as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

“What? You don’t think I could?” he angrily pouted as he stormed away.

I finally caught up with HR and calmed him down with some New York pizza. (Pizza always works.)

But just between us, let’s be honest, HR simply couldn’t do those strut kicks.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers (3/22/13)

It’s Friday again, and I’m in New York City with daughter Amy, son-in-law Orte, and grandsons Daniel and Gabriel. That in itself is reason enough to be HAPPY. But here are FIVE more reasons:

1.. Still filled with memories of last weekend’s beautifully fun St. Patrick’s Day.


2.. Finding this cool driftwood-and-found-objects ship sculpture at Habersham Antiques and Collectibles in Savannah.




3.. Realizing that so much about being joyful in life is a result of CHOICE.

4.. Flying to New York with a five- and three-year-old.




5.. It’s freezing here in Manhattan, but here I am last week down on Amelia Island



Have a great weekend and take care of business while I’m away.