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Don’t Even Try II

Okay, I can’t help myself.  You may have seen yesterday’s “Don’t Even Try” post about a turkey singing a Thanksgiving song to the tune of “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

Well, lo and behold, I found another turkey belting out yet another Thanksgiving song to the tune of “I Will Survive.”


Isn’t she talented?!


Sometimes you just get a hankering to pick up the old guitar and pick out a few tunes for the crowd.





Staring Contest #2

Since after 14 hours I finally won Staring Contest #1 a while back, I decided to challenge a master, former GSU legendary head football coach Erk Russel in Staring Contest #2.







Oh I forgot to tell you, before the struggle of the two titans began, I invoked the time-honored tradition of rubbing the coach’s head to ensure victory.

(Hours, days pass.)

Yes!! Triumphant once again! So why is his name still up there?


Tuesday Hat

Yes? No?



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