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My Saturday Evening Post: 11/5/22 “HR, Natalie and Stacey”

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was here in Savannah this morning for her “Let’s Get It Done Bus Tour.”

Robert excitedly attended without me (because I’m a bit under the weather this weekend).

Natalie Portman is in town this month filming her latest movie, so she introduced Stacey.

May Stacey Abrams be our next Georgia governor !

HR and Stacey. You can tell they are “very close.”
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Five Friday Happy Bringers 6/9/22

1. HR coming down some stairs at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston.

2. Always having enough food to eat.

3. Grandson Daniel on closing night of a three-week run as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” here in Savannah. Robert and I gave him a poster listing all the colors in his coat (from lyrics in one of the songs)

4. Excitement about the wonderful possibility of very soon here in Georgia having the nation’s first black female governor. But more important than that incredible first, having the indisputable best candidate win back Georgia for the good of our state.

[A not-so-happy sidenote: Yesterday someone keyed the side of our car near the Abrams’ decal. The battle for Georgia’s soul is not pretty.]

5. The joyful beauty of looking up.

Gibbes Museum of Art

Hope you see a beautiful weekend ahead.

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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling?

Marveling at getting to see and hear Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams here in Savannah on Saturday, making her case for why she should become Georgia’s next governor.

Getting out of her car and being greeted by Savannah Mayor Van Johnson
Such an inspiring speaker.

“I come here because I know Coastal Georgia, Savannah, you all face different challenges. We’re all in need of Medicaid expansion, we need health care in the state of Georgia fully funded so our children aren’t fighting for resources, we all need good jobs in the State of Georgia that pay a living wage, a livable wage.”

And about our recently signed-into-law insane “constitutional carry” bill which allows the carrying of concealed weapons WITHOUT A PERMIT in our state. (It should be called “criminal carry.”)

“In Georgia right now, we have a governor who is making Georgia the wild west. He is not respecting public safety,” Abrams said.

And look! Orange-flowered HR made the news …