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My Saturday Evening Post: 11/19/22 “I Miss Tomatoes”

About this time of year, every year, I fall into the “depths of despair,” borrowing a phrase from my very good friend, Anne of Green Gables.

Why so low, you ask? Simple.


The tomatoes you find at the grocery store this time of year are, to use part of Donald Trump’s newsy allegation, “fake” tomatoes!

They taste like … well, fake tomatoes.

Side Note: Please do not tell anyone that I agreed, even if just half agreed, with anything Donald Trump has ever said.

So what I like to do in mid-November is remember, somehow both sadly and joyfully, July tomatoes.

Here are a few memories of the Real Deals.

The vine-ripened beauties my parents always had on the table (along with “fried corn” snd candied yams) when I went home for a summer visit.

My Tomato Pies!

Tomato beauty.

I miss you, July Tomatoes.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/9/22

1. Last night, making my Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (with fresh local tomatoes).

Beyond delicious, with Robert’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

2. Being grateful for a car, my little vehicle which transports HR and me from one point to another.

I so often take my car for granted. Then driving through Savannah, I’ll look at the bus stops and see so many people who do not have cars.

3. My cute photographer husband.

Hilton head Island, South Carolina

Robert’s photography blog: Robert’sSnapSpot

4. Mr. Happy.

5. My chair in our study.

It’s where I sit just to sit. Or meditate. Or read. Or talk with Robert. Or argue with Robert.

May you sit in joy this weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 8/19/22

1. My homemade pickled jalapeños … on everything.

This time a turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and onion pita.

2. Truth …

3. Discovering Senior Citizens Inc. here in Savannah and attending a fascinating lecture, “The Rosenwald Schools: Challenge and Triumph.”

I bought the book!

4. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

5. My chair in our study! It has a personality of its own. It’s alive. It (he? she? they?) is a place of refuge for me. It’s where I read. And mediate. It’s where I sit in peace.

And where I often sit in not-so-peace when my anxiety, Truffles, comes a’knockin. (My anxiety protocol sheet is at the ready nearby in the magazine rack.)

And the checkered pillow?

I bought it for my father when he was in assisted living and early dementia.

When I lean back on it, I feel his strength.

May you sit in joyful peace this weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/27/22

Last night, in the midst of some uninvited anxiety (Hello, Truffles!), I told Robert that I was thinking about not doing my weekly Five Friday Happy Bringers today. That there’s just too much Sadness and Horror in the world to post about Happiness. After giving me a lengthy and incredulous stare … something like this …

… HR helped me see that my rationale made NO sense. “Everything is not negative. And doesn’t positive help to counteract negative?”

He’s right. Happiness continues to come our way, if we see and embrace it.

1. Curly haired courage. Florida high school class president Zander Moricz, speaking at his graduation, brilliantly referencing his being gay (and Florida’s new restrictive anti-gay laws) without ever using the word (as he was told not to do so).


If you haven’t read about or seen videos of Zander’s speech, here are a few excerpts.

“I must discuss a very public part of my identity…As you know, I have curly hair,” he continued while taking off his graduation cap.

He went on to discuss the challenges faced by curly-haired people. “While having curly hair in Florida is difficult — due to the humidity — I decided to be proud of who I was and started coming to school as my authentic self,” after unsuccessful attempts at straightening, he said. And he found support from teachers who discussed the topic and discovered others with curly hair.

“It’s because of the love I’d drawn from this community that I came out to my family,” he said. “Now I’m happy. Now I’m happy. And that is what is at stake. There are going to be so many kids with curly hair who need a community like Pine View, and they won’t have one. They too will try to straighten that part of themselves.” (The Advocate)

Malay Mail

2. HR prepping for his spectacular Baked Ziti Thursday night.

4. Grandson Gabriel receiving a year-long honor roll award at his school’s ceremony.

With his big brother Daniel and his cousins, twins Matthew and Madison.

4. The classic simplicity of lettuce and tomato.

5. Life. LIFE!

Have a lovely last weekend of May.