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Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/9/22

1. Last night, making my Roasted Tomato Basil Soup (with fresh local tomatoes).

Beyond delicious, with Robert’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

2. Being grateful for a car, my little vehicle which transports HR and me from one point to another.

I so often take my car for granted. Then driving through Savannah, I’ll look at the bus stops and see so many people who do not have cars.

3. My cute photographer husband.

Hilton head Island, South Carolina

Robert’s photography blog: Robert’sSnapSpot

4. Mr. Happy.

5. My chair in our study.

It’s where I sit just to sit. Or meditate. Or read. Or talk with Robert. Or argue with Robert.

May you sit in joy this weekend.

8 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers 9/9/22

      1. Oh! After I roast the tomatoes and a few cloves of garlic, I caramelize a sliced onion in a soup pot. Add the roasted tomatoes, about a cup of vegetable broth, a third cup of milk (we use almond), about a 1/2 cup if fresh basil and a few shakes of oregano. I then use an immersion blender to mix it all up.

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