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My Saturday Evening Post: 9/10/22 “Savannah’s Resurrection Fern”

On our Saturday morning walk, across the street from us here in Historic District Savannah, we came across resurrection fern bursting forth from … bricks.

Do you know about resurrection fern?

From Southern Living magazine …

The fern looks dead when it’s dry, but when it rains, it becomes beautifully green. Even from bricks.

I’m not resurrection fern, but I’m growing from brick too.

Here’s resurrection fern this evening from outside our front door, looking up.

We could probably learn a thing or two from resurrection fern.

I, resurrection fern, am in the lower left, with my green cousins nearby.

8 thoughts on “My Saturday Evening Post: 9/10/22 “Savannah’s Resurrection Fern”

      1. Oh, yeah, and it’s generally the gators that pay the price. Luckily, most times they relocate them. Because people get all up in arms about the gator when it eats their yippy dog they don’t keep on a leash or supervised. We grew up respecting the gator and giving it a wide berth. I “love” when tourists are all dangling their feet or hands over the boat keel, or even in the water. Sigh.

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