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Five Friday Happy Bringers 11/25/22

My weekly list of a few “joy inciters” in my life. A Friday Gratitude Journal, of sorts.

1. My Thanksgiving cranberry sauce!

Just the color alone makes me happy.

2. Having hands and fingers (even with my arthritis) which enable me to chop onions for Thanksgiving dressing, shake hands with strangers, pick up granddaughter Isabelle and hold hands with HR.

3. The novel I am currently reading in my study chair about a Black American woman caught between her privilege and her identity.

4. This little tree near us who is losing his beautiful leaves. But see how he is standing proud in spite of his de-clothing

I took his picture to help him feel special.

5. Peanut butter.

May you have a weekend for which to give thanks.

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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 9/19/22

Walking to beautiful Forsyth Park here in Savannah, HR and I came upon this old Spanish Moss-covered tree we had passed many a time before.

But this time, the tree beckoned us over.

“What,” I asked, still not sure what was going on.

“Why do you all walk past me, ignoring me, disrespecting me? I have been here long before any of you arrived.”

And for the first time in, well, forever, I saw the tree as a living being. A fellow creature on planet earth.

A tree who “sees and understands.”

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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling? 6/18/22

This morning I’m marveling at how the “little things” we encounter in daily life can sometimes bring sudden bursts of joy to us.

“Close Encounters of the Little Kind”

A couple of weeks ago Robert and I were up near Monticello, NY and took a little walk. “Look, Neal!” he excitedly pointed, with a little too much morning verve for me. At first all I saw was a tree with splotchy marks on it, but getting closer I saw it … him … Mr. Tree!

And somehow Mr. Tree brought unexpected but welcome joy to our morning walk.

What little thing have you noticed lately that brought a smile or an “aww/awe” to your life?