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Five Friday Happy Bringers (3/29/13)

Happy.  Five reasons why.

1.  Being able to feel all my emotions, even when they don’t feel so good.

2.  This drawing of me hanging in a New York museum.  Okay maybe it’s not me, but grandson Daniel said it looked like me.


3.  Plantains

4.  Seeing both a perfect sunrise and a perfect sunset this week.

5.  The Promise of Easter


2 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers (3/29/13)

  1. Neal, we really enjoy your posts. David and I met you at Kevin Barry’s Christmas concert and have been reading your posts since. We are originally from the north east area (New Jersey) and glad you enjoyed New York. We haven’t lived there in a while but still have family there and enjoyed seeing the areas you visited. The places you visited look great . Have a great Easter. Susan


    1. Hi Susan. So good to hear from you! We loved meeting you at Kevin Barry’s. What a great place. Hope all is well. I always love going up to NY for a visit. So much fun. Let me know when you guys know about a cool upcoming concert nearby! Neal


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