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My Saturday Evening Post: 3/5/22 “Feeling Peachy”

I am SO happy that HR (you know who that refers to by now) is getting healthier day by day! Mainly, of course, because I simply want him healthy. Yes, of course I do. But coming in an incredibly close, embarrassingly close second, is that he’s now cooking for me again. And isn’t that important too?

Last night … Fresh Peach Upside Down Cake (in my grandmother’s cast iron, just so you know).

And look at this riveting short film I produced and directed called, “Pour Robert.”

Here’s a genuine, real life post-oven shot.

And here’s a “Martha Stewart ain’t got nuthin on me” attitude shot.

(FYI: HR loves Martha Stewart.)

(Note to self: Talk to Therapist Rubi about this.)

I’m so glad Robert is starting to feel peachy again.

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